Prey Becomes a 20-Minute Speed Run Statistic

The run cuts the previous record by more than half, and let's remember that the game has been out for only four days.


Prey is an incredibly in-depth game that, when properly explored, can keep you busy for upwards of 30 hours. But who cares about that when you are a speedrunner and the only goal is the best possible time in finishing the game? In this particular case, that record time is under 20 minutes.

That's right, kids. Youtuber DraQu took an incredible 19.34 minutes to blitz his way to the ending of the game. Of course, he didn't take any normal routes. He instead took advantage of some invisible walls and the outside of the station not meant to be found or traversed. He makes liberal use of the GLOO Cannon to climb and get to out-of-the-way access spots, but it appears he isn't using any hacks, just inventive ways to travel quickly, like GLOO-globbing debris in space to jump from point to point. Remember he isn't following a conventional path, so Arkane didn't set parameters to include a space suit and zero-G for these not-meant-to-be-explored areas.

He avoids almost all combat and uses Neuromods to increase Conditioning, which give a boost to running and climbing. He even dies a few times and quick loads, so there is some room for improvement. He has obviously done this numerous times just to find the quickest way to the end, then he just refines the process. Prior to finishing in less than 20 minutes, his best was just under 45 minutes, so he must have found other short cuts.

There are some spoilers in the video, like one of the endings in the game, but if you don't care about the story and only the end result, check it out. Some of us, though, prefer the traditional way to get the crap scared out of us.

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