How to Get the Q-Beam Gun in Prey

Break your enemies down into their essential crafting elements once you find this baby.


The Q-Beam gun in Prey is one of the most powerful–and useful–weapons in the game. When you find it, the laser it emits will cause those pesky Typhon to explode into cubes of crafting goodness that will let you make weapons, ammo and even the ever-elusive Neuromod. The Q-Beam is hidden a bit, and rightly so given its power, but our guide tracks it down for you.

Where is the Q-Beam?

To find this gun, you will need to have gotten to the point in the story that gets you into the Hardware Labs. Proceed to the Machine Shop, where you will need to find and create the Atrax Propulsion System for your suit so you can manuever around outside the station in Zero-G. Once you have it attached to you suit–and have a Repair II skill unlocked–you are ready for the next step.

Unlock the Airlock to access the weightless environment of space outside Talos I. Once you leave the airlock, maneuver right and fly up to the Hardware Labs hull breach. There you will find a hull breach failsafe that needs repairing. Here is where the Repair II skill is needed. Fix the breach, then go back to the Hardware Labs airlock and reenter the Machine Shop. Head to the elevator.

On the upper level, find the “Beams and Waves Lab Combustion Lab”. This is the area you just repaired with you spacewalk. Go down the hall, turn right and head to the “Beams and Waves Lab”. A test chamber is inside to the right, but it is guarded by a Phantom. Use the computer to ignite the Q-Beam to kill it. Then grab the weapon and search the area for any other useful goodies, like extra ammo, since this baby uses a lot of energy

Now that you have the Q-Beam (and, if you've been searching, the Huntress Boltcaster), be sure to check out the rest of our guides and walkthroughs so you can get the most out of Prey.

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