Prey - First Day On the Job - Walkthrough Part 1

We go from Morgan's apartment to a testing facility and back again in this part of the Prey walkthrough.


Inside the Apartment

Your brother Alex will call you as soon as you wake up and send over a helicopter to pick you up. There’s no timer in place, giving you ample time to get used to the game’s controls while you check out the apartment. Access your workstation by interacting with the screen and catch up with the three emails that have been sent your way.

Pick up the burnt circuit board, plastic tubing and frayed wire from Morgan’s work area. Collect the pizza box next to the workstation and toss it off into the distance. Head over to the kitchen to find Alex’s note next to the wine bottle. The wine is a consumable item, but be aware of its side effects.

Be sure to check out the Encyclopedia of Food Science and cook book on the counter, along with any other books or magazines you find in the apartment. Pick up any food items in the fridge and cabinets and save them for whenever you’re in a pinch. Equip the TranStar outfit that’s hanging on the back of the door in the bedroom and leave the apartment.

Walk down the hallway and be sure to talk to Patricia along the way. Use the elevator to head up to the roof and enter the helicopter.

At the TransStar Facility

Walk through the open door and enter the elevator, where you can interact with the screen and confirm your appointment. Talk to Alex before walking down the hall and into the first testing room.

For the first test, you’ll need to remove three boxes from the red circle. Hit the button by the entrance to start the test, then move toward the hatches on the ground, which is where the boxes spawn. Take one box at a time and toss them to the side. Pay attention where you throw them, because they can bounce back and land in the circle. After you’ve moved the three boxes, exit through the door.

Hit the red button to start the next test. Walk toward the chair in the center of the room. Crouch behind this chair and head over to the next room. Hit the red button there to start this test. Start running towards the center of the room and jump over the wall. This test ends when you hit the blue button on the opposite side of the room.

The next test is a Q&A. So sit over behind the terminal and answer to the questions that follow. The answers don’t matter, so give whatever answer sounds best to you. It mostly doesn’t matter because a Mimic shows up to end this segment.

Back to Your Apartment

The apartment should look familiar, as it looks to have been reset. But this time, when you check your email, you’ll find six new notes from a mystery person named January. The emails tell you to leave, but there is no strict time limit. That means you should take a minute to refresh your inventory by raiding the fridge and scouring the apartment for any items.


Return to the hallway and find Patricia, who is now dead. Use your flashlight to examine her remains. Pick up the wrench near her body, along with any spare parts you can grab.

Now that you've wrapped up the game's first proper mission, arm yourself for what lies ahead with a cheat sheet listing all of Prey's safe combinations, including where to find the first safe, which can be tricky to crack.

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