Quake Champions: Nyx Buries Her Foes in the Burial Chamber Arena

Go blue with Nyx in our gameplay preview of the Burial Chamber.


Some characters in Quake Champions are beefy and lumbering. Nyx appeals to players who prefer their avatars nimble and stealthy. She boasts an active ability that helps her evade danger, and her character design is among the sleekest on the Quake Champions roster.

Our gameplay preview centers on Nyx as she roams the Burial Chamber, an arena filled with twists and turns. If you like what you see, make sure you subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube to check out even more videos.

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    May 2, 2017 5:30 PM

    David Craddock posted a new article, Quake Champions: Nyx Buries Her Foes in the Burial Chamber Arena

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      May 2, 2017 6:54 PM

      I haven't been following the beta, but it looks good. Are they doing that specialist/class type stuff like in Overwatch or are they going old school like in Q3A where each character had the same skill set?

      To be honest, I'm not terribly interested in that sort of team play. I prefer having every weapon or skill available to everyone.

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        May 2, 2017 7:15 PM

        They're not actually specialized/classed but every character has a moderate special ability, in this case Nyx can very briefly become invisible and invincible but cannot fire weapons, and also a semi-minor ability like Nyx gets a single wall jump.

        I guess you could sort of think of it like like UT2004 except each characters only gets one of the adrenaline options/mobility enhancers?

        For the most part it looks like it plays mostly like a standard map/item control and fragging arena game.

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          May 3, 2017 5:44 AM

          Not quite true. The characters have stat differences in speed, health, and armor. I think their specialization will be very apparent in CTF and eventually TDM when the meta becomes clearer.

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            May 3, 2017 8:54 AM

            That's... I want to say unfortunate but I haven't played multiplayer games in a decade so I guess that's just pointless retro-judgement on my part.

            Well, anyway I hope folks that like that sort of thing dig it.

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              May 3, 2017 10:02 AM

              well, there's many styles to chose from.

              i guess people are free to pick whatever character they prefer.

              and then play with visual stuff, flair, etc to give it a personal touch.

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      May 2, 2017 7:16 PM

      Oof, that "Lead Taken" line is enunciated as clear as mud; I hope they re-record that.

      • reply
        May 2, 2017 10:16 PM

        So much of the VO is garbage.

        • reply
          May 2, 2017 10:57 PM

          That is quite disappointing considering the heritage it comes from. The 2014 Quake Live announcer was awful sounding but that was a stylistic failure, he least could speak clearly.

          • reply
            May 2, 2017 10:58 PM

            Anarki' voice is the worst. He is like Bart Simpson with a heroin addiction and a hover board.

            • reply
              May 2, 2017 11:06 PM

              Just watched some of the Anarki video... He sounds like a more obnoxious version of Matthew Lillard's Shaggy.

              Yeah, remember when he had his mouth sewn shut and just spammed rainbow clored text? Those were the days.

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      May 2, 2017 11:29 PM


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      May 3, 2017 5:54 AM

      I wish they had a better player showing this stuff off :(

    • reply
      May 3, 2017 10:00 AM

      whoever is playing that, is terrible at it.
      is he/she playing with a gamepad ???

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