Quake Champions: How to Buy and Redeem Loot Boxes

Cash in Favor currency for backpacks that net you armor parts and other goodies in Quake Champions.


Quake Champions is the second free-to-play title in the series, following 2010's Quake Live. Fortunately you don't have to spend a nickel of real money to enjoy the game. An in-game currency known as Favor can be put toward loot boxes that contain armor parts and color shaders to customize your champion's appearance.

This guide will tell you how to earn Favor, where to buy loot boxes, and how to redeem them to get your goodies.

How to Earn Favor Currency

You earn Favor in two ways: by performing well during matches, and by completing daily challenges. Daily challenges are a rotating set of three optional goals that you'll see when you boot up the game and drop into the main menu. Two of the three are usually straightforward: Kill X amount of enemies in a certain game mode, defeat opponents using your champion's active ability, and so on. A more advanced challenge tends to round out the pack, such as firing a rocket that blows an airborne opponent to bits. Make sure to check the daily challenges every day when you log in to the game for the first time.

As you might expect, performing well during matches encompasses a broader set of criteria. You'll get a boost in Favor the higher you rank in each session, but you'll also net currency for earning medals, achievement-type awards that recognize certain actions such as getting revenge on a player who killed you. More medals and higher ranking equals more Favor at the end of a play session.

How to Buy Loot Boxes

Once you've built up a healthy stock of Favor, return to the main menu and click the Store button, represented by a tiny treasure chest in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. The store offers many types of microtransactions, organized by tabs. The first tab is labeled Champions. Click the next tab over, marked Loot Boxes.

There are three categories of loot boxes: Backpack, Chest, and Reliquary. Every loot box holds a randomized assortment of items divided between common and higher-quality treasures. The more expensive a loot box, the more items you'll get, and the better your odds of earning high-quality gear. Backpacks are the only loot boxes you can purchase with Favor. To buy Chests or Reliquaries, which offer better odds of getting better gear, you'll need to buy Platinum currency, which costs real money.

Loot boxes offer vanity items, which means the gear they contain won't give you or other players a greater advantage in battle. All items are purely for customization, so don't feel pressured into spending money. The only way to get better at Quake Champions is to get better.

How to Redeem Loot Boxes

Return to the main menu by pressing the left arrow button next to "Store." Click the bottom left-hand corner of the menu labeled Loot Boxes. Now select the category you purchased—Backpack, Chest, or Reliquary—and redeem them by clicking.

Do you have your eye on filling out your roster of champions? Our Quake Champions guide tells you how to cash in Favor toward new characters, breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of all the weapons available in the game, and divulges tips and strategies.

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