More People Have Played Overwatch Than Live in Texas

More than 30 million players have tried the game, Blizzard says.


The gaming population is huge, and individually popular titles have their own massive communities. Take Overwatch for instance. Enough players have tried the game to make the second-largest state in the United States.

Blizzard released word that more than 30 million registered people have jumped into Overwatch since it launched last year in late May of last year. Based on 2016 population reports, that would place the state or commonwealth of Overwatch behind California but ahead of Texas in the list of most populous states. That is a jump of five million in just three months.

While Overwatch launched as a great game, Blizzard continually adds new content and heroes to keep the game fresh and bring more players in. It now has 25 heroes and counting, and is making balance changes and tweaks on a regular basis, while always listening to fan feedback. It has even shown a willingness to walk back a change one patch later if it isn't working right.

So kudos to Blizzard on the milestone.

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