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Battlefield 1 Spring Update Adds Platoons, More Ribbons and Dog Tags

There are numerous changes and bug fixes as well in this massive update.


The Battlefield 1 dev team has been doing a pretty good job of listening to its fans, and the Spring Update shows it. Ou today, the update adds Platoons, more weapon variations, extra ribbons and dog tags, and a modification for the poor medic who risks his life for ungrateful soldiers who don't stick around after they die.

The Platoon system is a variation on guilds, with up to 100 players allowed in a Platoon, but players can be a member of more than one Platoon (capped at 10). The Platoon will have four ranks: General, Colonel, Lieutenant and Private. Only one General is allowed, who acts as the de facto group leader. Other officers have different abilities, such as accepting platoon applications.

The update also gives dead soldiers some notice that a medic is on the way, so they don't bail on the game just as the medic arrives. Medics can "spot" a player in need, which instantly send a notice to the dead soldier's screen that help is coming. The idea is to save medics for people who want to stay in the game.

Finally, there are four new weapon variants, 19 new ribbons and five new dog tags, and some extra server administration features.

The update has way too many fixes and changes to post here, so check out the official blog post with all the changes at the end.


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