Games of Glory, Lightbulb Crew's Smash TV-like Shooter, Enters Open Beta on April 25

The game will support cross-platform play between PC and PS4.


Lightbulb Crew's Games of Glory, a top-down, team-based shooter that seems perfectly suited to eSports, will enter open beta on April 25. PC and PS4 players will get to sample the game, and partake in cross-play between platforms.

Games of Glory casts players as gladiatorial combatants. Part Smash TV, part dual-stick shooter a la Geometry Wars, the game offers 15 characters and five classes: tank, support, assassin, carry, and scout. Over 50 weapons ranging from shotguns and sniper rifles to flamethrowers and rocket launchers can be wielded by any class, and upgraded by retrieving power-ups during play.

"With Games of Glory we have focused on developing an intense competitive arena experience where  console- and PC  players can battle it out against each other" said Anders Larsson, CEO and founder of Lightbulb Crew. "Games of Glory has developed into a unique and fast-paced competitive experience that shooter and MOBA players will feel right at home with from day one."

Two maps will be available at launch. Arkashan is an arena ideal for 4v4 matchups; teams fight over capture points near opposing bases. Meanwhile, Svandia is catered to 3v3 gameplay "where players focus on defeating the randomized Star player on their opponents team in a race to win five rounds," per a press release sent to Shacknews.

Lightbulb Crew wants to appeal to eSports players and leagues, and Games of Glory boasts features to that end. The Club option lets players create and customize a team, down to unique character skins and logos. Assets can be created in-game or imported from other programs.

Games of Glory enters open beta on PS4 and PC, with cross-platform support, on April 25.

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