Microsoft Will Announce ... Something ... Early Next Month

Hardware and software will be unveiled, the company says. Well, duh!


When Microsoft invites the press to an event, you can expect some big news. The company has announced plans for a May 2 gathering, and promises that hardware and software will be revealed. Also in the news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

The invite says "Learn What's Next" with a MicrosoftEDU hashtag, but that's about it. MS is being coy on what exactly will be unveiled at the event. Word is that the new Surface Pro 5 tablet and the rumored Surface phone will not be in attendance, according to CNBC, but Windows 10 Cloud could be there, designed as a competitor to Google's Chrome OS. It could also set the stage for more competitive products to go up against Chromebooks, which to this point have stymied Microsoft's attempts to dent their market share.

So at this point, all we have is a "Save the Date," folks Hopefully we'll get more details soon, like maybe a time and place to watch a livestream.

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