NVIDIA Quietly Launches Titan Xp GPU with 3840 Shader Cores

The rate at which NVIDIA releases new GPUs is getting too fast for our wallets to handle.


Not to be outdone by Digital Foundry's breakdown of Xbox Scorpio's hardware, NVIDIA has announced yet another specifications bump to their line of outstanding GPUs. The Titan Xp has stolen the performance crown from its sibling, the GTX 1080Ti, and only costs $1349! That is considerably more than the 1080 Ti's $699 price tag. 

The Titan Xp will feature a full-fat GP102 with 7% more CUDA Cores than the GTX 1080Ti and the 2016 Titan X. The 3840 CUDA slash shader processor cores are packaged alongside 12GB GDDR5X of memory at a full 384bit memory bus using the same 250 Watts thermal envelope. At a 11.4 Ghz effective data-rate it offers 548 GB/s memory bandwidth and the Titan Xp will offer a theoretical 12 teraflops of performance. Please take a look at this table for a more in depth comparison of Titan Xp to its predecessors.

Reference GeForceTitan XpGTX 1080 TiTitan X GTX 1080
  (2016 edition)  
GPU GP102-450-A1 GP102-350-A1 GP102-400-A1 GP104-400-A1
Architecture Pascal Pascal Pascal Pascal
Transistor count 12 Billion 12 Billion 12 Billion 7.2 Billion
Fabrication Node TSMC 16 nm TSMC 16 nm TSMC 16 nm TSMC 16 nm
CUDA Cores 3,840 3,584 3,584 2,560
SMMs / SMXs 30 28 28 20
GPU Clock Core 1,480 1,480 1,417 MHz 1,607 MHz
GPU Boost clock 1,582 1,582 1,531 MHz 1,733 MHz
Memory Clock 2850 MHz 2752 MHz 2500 MHz 1,250 MHz
Memory Size 12 GB 11 GB 12 GB 8 GB
Memory Bus 384-bit 352-bit 384-bit 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 548 GB/s 484 GB/s 480 GB/s 320 GB/s
FP Performance 12.0 TFLOPS 11.5 TFLOPS 11.0 TFLOPS 9.0 TFLOPS
GPU Thermal Threshold  91 Degrees C 91 Degrees C 91 Degrees C 94 Degrees C
TDP 250 Watts 250 Watts 250 Watts 180 Watts
Launch MSRP ref $1349 $699 $1200 $599

Table courtesy of our friends at www.guru3d.com

There is a new best NVIDIA GPU in town, and it costs a ton of money. I am still itching to pull the trigger on a 1080 Ti to upgrade my current PC. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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