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Marvel Heroes Omega Announced for PS4; Xbox One Version to Come Later

There will be no character transfers or crossplay with Marvel Heroes 2016 on PC.


If you want to pretend you are a member of The Avengers - or any Marvel hero for that matter - you have been confined to the PC in Marvel Heroes 2016, Developer Gazillion is about to change that with the announcement of Marvel Heroes Omega for console.

Marvel Heroes Omega will launch first on the PlayStation 4, and later on Xbox One, but both are scheduled for release later this year. "While we like to think big at Gazillion, the fact of the matter is that we are a comparably smaller studio. Staggering our releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will ensure we deliver the best possible experience for players on both platforms," the company said in a Q&A about the new game.

There will be a closed beta for PS4 beginning "soon," with an open beta later this spring. An Xbox One version will come sometime after that. Players participating in both closed and open betas will have their characters wiped in between. Players can join the closed beta, but will need to purchase continued access as a Founder via a variety of packs that will be available on the PlayStation Store. The good news is that any player, whether paying or not, will get Daredevil for free. PlayStation Plus members will get the added perk of will get an additional Daredevil costume and discounts on in-game currency purchases.

The game will launch with 38 heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Storm, and Deadpool. Iron Fist and War Machine will also be available, but only through the Founder’s Pack for the first six months.

Gazillion also said that Omega will launch with less content than Marvel Heroes 2016 at the start, but more content will be added down the road. "By narrowing our focus and scope, the Marvel Heroes team can ensure the best possible experience on console at launch."

The bad news for PC players is that there will be no character transfers between the two games, and there will be no crossplay between console and PC. 

The new MMO will have a nine-chapter story campaign featuring Doctor Doom and Loki, as well as Operation, Midtown Patrol and Danger Room game modes. Legendary missions will begin after the main campaign in finished. There will also be "trials" that increase in difficulty, but provide better loot.

Gazillion will release more details on the game and the various betas in the next few weeks. 

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