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Quake Champions Reveals New Map for the Closed Beta

Lava, lava everywhere, and every drop could kill you.


Bethesda and id are slowly building momentum for Quake Champions, an homage to the original game. If we want to keep with the theme of the bloody gory spiritual successor, we can safely say that information is oozing out at a maggot's pace. But that's OK, as a closed beta is coming to bandage that wound–or open it wider, as the case may be. Oh look, another drop of plasma in the form of a map reveal.

The appropriately named Burial Chamber offers everything from "wicked lava pools threatening to overtake the Arena, to the treacherous open spaces, nowhere is safe ... Skill is required to traverse this Arena, lest you find yourself tumbling to a molten death." You get chills just reading that, don't you?

The closed beta, which still doesn't have a run date yet, will feature the Burial Chamber, Blood Covenant, and Ruins of Sarnath arenas in which players can fight to the death, although with any FPS like this, death is but a pixelated figment of your imagination depending on respawns.

Bethesda and id will continue to offer battlefield triage in the form of more arena and hero reveals before the beta. But, if we can be honest, M.A.S.H. did triage better. 

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