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Prey's Newest Trailer Shows Chairs and Coffee Mugs That Eat You

Beware of any goods shipped from the Talos I research facility.


A new trailer for Prey is out, discussing main character Morgan Yu, the motivations and even relationships that help set the tone for the game. And while that in and of itself is interesting, what really should draw your attention is the cool weapons and the alien Typhon.  

While Bethesda and developer Arkane continue to push the narrative of most current RPGs, namely "your choices matter," it is obvious that some care has gone into creating the weapons and creatures that will be populating Talos I research facility run by (dun-dun-dun) your brother. The story says that Morgan, conveniently suffering from trauma-induced amnesia, was instrumental in creating many of the things found on the station. And based on the early trailer, Morgan is a mighty creative individual.

The GLOO Cannon, which shoots quickly hardening glue at enemies and obstacles, looks incredible fun, even if it is a variation of freezing and shattering bad guys with ice or liquid hydrogen. There is also a Recycler grenade that will explode and turn nearby items and even enemies in craftable materials. That dead body over there? "Sorry buddy, but I need to make some ammo. This will be your vengeance!"

Also, the Typhon are pretty tough. They can turn themselves into inanimate objects, which can really mess with your mind when your coffee mug or desk chair come to life and eat you.

Hey Bethesda, here's a marketing idea: The Typhon Company, maker of home and office supplies. Give them to friends. They really are the gifts that keep you guessing!

One thing we aren't guessing about - Prey is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on May 5.

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