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Over at Modojo, we pride ourselves on writing about the things that really matter, such as apps that make horrifying babies and World of Final Fantasy not being the slowest game in existence anymore. I know what you're thinking. “But I have Shacknews! Shack is bae! Why do I need Modojo?” Well, you're just gonna have to trust me. Besides, I have it on good authority that John Keefer is actually a zombie, and we don't utilize zombie labor over at Modojo. News time!

FE: Echoes

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Did you check out those Breath of the Wild making-of videos? Because they were pretty rad. Learning that Guardians were designed as a modern version of the old NES octoroks was just one of many awesome insights that can be gleaned from this lovely mini-series. I've become much more interested in Fire Emblem Echoes since learning that it's basically a remake of the Zelda II / Simon's Quest of the series, so consider checking out the new characters and mechanic details they released.

The roguelike that just keeps on giving finally popped up on the Switch this week in the form of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. If you've somehow managed to go this long without leaping down that rabbit hole then now's the time. Finally, 3D Sonic returns with the newly christened Sonic Forces, complete with gameplay that you may or may not have already seen from someone's phone camera in the back of a room filled with people who were way too excited about Sonic Forces. Maybe it'll be good though. It's technically possible.


Mobile Madness

In terms of gaming, Wizards of the Coast has decided that, in this modern age of smartphones, we may as well start using them to improve on old-school table-top role-playing. As such, you will soon be able to download an app to help manage your D&D campaign. Elder Scrolls Legends is bringing its card-based fun to iPad next week, with Android devices soon to follow. Also, Clash Royale is getting a 2v2 “Clan Battle” mode, so that you can drag your friends down with you!

On the tech side of things, Samsung finally completed a deal to move them into the smart car game by acquiring Harman International for $8 billion, and Intel followed suit by acquiring Mobileye for $15.3 billion. This is it guys, we're on our way to living the life of the Jetsons. An app called Camarada showed up to allow you to record 3D footage by stacking two phones on top of one another, and Google decided to one-up them by simply working to make 3D cameras a staple of upcoming mobile devices so that their 3D platform Tango can work its magic. Oh, and Google's messaging app Allo recently had a glitch that allowed Google Assistant to get a bit fresh and start linking people's search history for no reason.

Short and sweet this week, but there's always more to check out over on Modojo proper. Go have a look sometime, and have a wonderful weekend laughing at ridiculous Mass Effect: Andromeda gifs and hoping that the game itself is at least fun enough to offset the awful animation.

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