Rock Band 4 Adds Sterling Archer Singing Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone

Some Mass Effect: Andromeda cosmetic items have also been added to the game's store.


In a rather odd combination of additions to Rock Band 4 shop, the March update has brought us self-centered Super Spy Sterling Archer singing Kenny Loggins, and some Mass Effect: Andromeda cosmetic items.

Harmonix added Archer to get fans in the mood for the upcoming season of the FX animated series, which starts on April 5. And since the devs are looking forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda (janky animations and all), they have added Andromeda N7 armor and helmet, and guitar skins looking like Andromeda's Tempest craft and the original Mass Effect's Normandy ship to the Rock Band Store for free.

In addition, 11 new tracks have been added form players that own the Rivals expansion:

  • Animal Flag - "Sink"
  • Bent Knee - "These Hands"
  • Black Beach - "No Place For Me"
  • Creaturos - "History Repeats"
  • Dutch ReBelle - "RudeBoys"
  • Julie Rhodes - "Hurry Up (& Wait For You)"
  • Littlefoot - "Casablanca"
  • Michael Christmas - "Cross That Line"
  • Ruby Rose Fox - "Skydiver"
  • STL GLD - "Good"
  • Tigerman WOAH - "Alone Time"

You can check out the official blog for the full list of items available in the update.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Sterling Archer rocking out to Danger Zone:

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