These Mass Effect: Andromeda GIFs are Creepy and Hilarious

Thanks to the Shackers in Chatty for pointing us to the best of the worst.


trial version of Mass Effect: Andromeda is out for EA Origin members, and already we are getting reports–and animated GIFs–that things may not be quite right aboard the Tempest or with its crew. 

From characters experiencing REM while wide awake, to running animations that look as if the character has to find a bathroom quick, our Shack Chatty gang has stepped up to compile some rather side-splitting animations from the next installment in the Mass Effect series. NeoGAF also has several as well, which points to some troubling questions for a game that isn't officially out yet. The animations are so rough that some have even put serious scenes to a Seinfeld laugh track.

Here's a compilation from Twitter:

Of course, the original series had a few too, but with Mass Effect: Andromeda not due out to the masses until March 21, it will be interesting to see whether the overall quality of the game is overshadowed by the animation laugh factor. It's probably not all bad, as moonwalking on the Tempest may be just a fun pastime. 

We've compiled a few of our favorites below. Expect our own impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda to be coming early next week.

Mass Effect's walking animations can be a bit, broken sometimes...

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