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Project Sonic 2017 Renamed Sonic Forces

What's in a name? Sonic Forces will still include classic and contemporary versions of Sega's too-school-for-school mascot.


Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog fansite TSSZ News posted a screenshot showing the logo for Sonic Forces, the game formerly known as Project Sonic 2017. The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account confirmed the name change.

Sonic Forces debuted at the 2016 Comic-Con under the name Project Sonic 2017. The game was shown in celebration of the character's 25th anniversary. In development by Sonic Team and to be published by Sega, the game will let players control Classic Sonic (based off the Sega Genesis-era character) and Modern Sonic, modeled after the character's Sonic Adventure look.

At present, Sonic Forces is still slated for a Q4 release this year. It will dash onto Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Sega will premiere gameplay footage of Modern Sonic tomorrow, Friday, March 17.

Fans more interested in Sonic's 16-bit glory days will want to keep an eye on Sonic Mania, a throwback game designed in the vein of the Genesis platformers. Sonic Mania will be released on Nintendo Switch.

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