Cities: Skylines Sales Hit 3.5 Million, Gets Free DLC to Celebrate

The new pack will include three buildings inspired by Chinese architecture.


Cities: Skylines launched with little fanfare two years ago, but fans of the city-building sim had been following its development by Colossal Order. The game sold 250,000 copies within the first 24 hours, and then solid reviews continued to push the game forward. Now, publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the game has broken 3.5 million sales on the game's second anniversary.

To celebrate, players will be getting a free in-game building DLC focusing on Chinese architecture. The “Pearls from the East” pack adds a Panda Zoo, a Chinese Temple, and the Shanghai Pearl Tower. There is no official release date, other than "soon."

“It’s fair to say that Cities: Skylines has changed all of our lives at Colossal Order,” Mariina Hallikainen, CEO for the developer, said in a statement. “This is a game we had all been working on and dreaming about creating for years. Seeing how many people have rallied around it, and seeing the incredible community sharing their cities and mods has been so rewarding and inspiring.”

We talked to Hallikainen at GDC to get her take on the future of the franchise. She said the community has been fantastic for the game, creating more than 100,000 mods for Cities: Skylines.

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