Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Claims 'We're Only Human'

And Krogan, and Asari, and Salarian, and Geth ...


The nail biting is getting intense as Mass Effect: Andromeda approaches its March 21 launch and unfortunately there isn't too much to stop the cravings except for more Mass Effect info. Luckily, BioWare hears the wailing and gnashing and has released a launch trailer for the game a bit early.

Set to the music of Rag'n'Bone Man's "Human," we find out that none of the seven Golden Worlds found by the Andromeda Initiative panned out, and that a Pathfinder team is desperately needed to find a new home for humanity. The Arkon make another appearance, continuing to show disdain for their new neighbors: "No more mercy. Kill them all."

The video also explains part of the gameplay involved as players will need to gather more resources for the Nexus so that colonists can be roused from Cryosleep. Main character Alec Ryder, voiced by Clancy Brown, gets plenty of screen time as well, including one scene with an Asari, presumably Dr. Lexi T'Perro.

BioWare has been going heavy on the promotional videos of late. We got the final Andromeda Initiative briefing earlier this week, and, in the next day or so, we expect another video in its gameplay series. Hopefully it will be enough to tide us over until launch. 

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