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Twitch Introduces 'Pulse' for Quick Highlight Sharing

Twitch takes some cues from social media with a quick new way to watch clips and posts from your favorite streamers.


Twitch has introduced a new sharing feature that gives a quicker overview of clips from streamers. The new "Pulse" feed will be activated on the main front page of Twitch, displaying a variety of posts from all of your friends and followed accounts.

Those posts aren't just a direct clips from all your streams, however. Posts that appear on Pulse will be curated by their creators, and they aren't even restricted to videos. A blog post advises streamers to target VODs and highlights, as well as more functional content like weekly schedules, polls, and memes. In other words, it aims to be an evergreen source for creators to stay engaged with their audiences, even when they're not streaming. The blog notes that this means streamers can have more frequent content with viewers who don't visit their page as often. Users can react and comment on Pulse posts similar to other social networks.

Pulse is available starting today on the Twitch main page, but it may not be live for all users yet. Twitch promises it will roll out for everyone in the coming weeks. The Channel Feed will be auto-enabled for streamers in mid-March. Pulse will also appear on the Twitch mobile app.

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