Rumor: For Honor's First Two DLC Heroes May Be a Centurion and Ninja

Reddit user finds images that match silhouettes and art style from the single-player game, but doesn't give a source for the info.


For Honor's first set of DLC heroes may have leaked, setting the fan base abuzz with speculation.

Reddit user Bones404 posted the image of a Roman Centurion and Ninja from the German version of the game, although he did not cite the source. Both characters seem to fit the art style for the game and match the blank profile silhouettes from the single-player campaign, and users seem to feel that they are a good bet to be the first two heroes revealed when Season 2 of Faction War rolls around.

Ubisoft has said previously that two heroes would be released each season, with a total six being released for season pass holders over the course of the year. The Centurion would be part of the Knights faction, with the Ninja joining the Samurai. The Vikings would get a new hero for Season 3.

Players who have the season pass will get early access to the new heroes before they are finally released to all players.

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