Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Ja Baij Shrine Guide

Here’s the solution to the Ja Baij challenge and how to get the chest in the Bomb Trial.


In Ja Baij Shrine you’ll find what may be the most useful rune in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Bomb Rune. The Bomb Rune gives you access to both Square Bombs and Round Bombs and can be used not only to solve puzzles but as a weapon too. Ja Baij’s bomb trial will take you through the fundamentals of using bombs, and which type of bomb is right for each job.

Locating Ja Baij Shrine

Finding Ja Baij Shrine is a bit harder than finding Oman Au was. Ja Baij is located near the Easternmost part of Eastern Abbey. Unfortunately, there are some Guardians who remain active here. The Guardians aren’t mobile, but their heads act as rotating turrets which can lock-on and kill Link with one shot at this point in the game. Remember that you can climb the walls about you, and stealthily make your way to Ja Baij Shrine.

Ja Baij Shrine Solution

After entering the Ja Baij Shrine, go to the Guidance Stone on the left and place your Sheikah Slate in it. You’ll receive the Round Bomb and Square Bomb runes, two of the most used and useful runes in the game. Once you get the Bomb runes, use them to blow away the wall with cracks in it. Past that wall will be a second wall on your left. Make sure to stand far enough back that you don’t get caught in the blast when you detonate your bomb.

In the next room, toss a square bomb on the floating platform and when it gets close to the other side, detonate your bomb to blow away the wall. Then ride the platform over.

The next room is full of launch ramps, but only the one on the right should concern you for now. You’ll see attached to it a circular funnel. You’ll want to wait till the ramp is retracted and roll a bomb into the funnel. If done correctly it should land on the edge of the launch ramp, and when the ramp extends, it will launch the bomb over to the cracked blocks. When the bomb lands on the blocks, detonate it to take them out, then walk over to the nearby ladder, climb, and take the newly revealed passage to the Sage at the end of the shrine.

Ja Baij Shrine Chest

In the room with the launch ramps, head to the leftmost launch ramp from where you entered the room. Wait until the ramp is retracted and then stand in front of it. When it extends, it will launch Link over to the chest, and you’ll be free to open it.

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