Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Oman Au Shrine Guide

We show you the solution and how to get the chest in the Magnesis Trial.


Oman Au Shrine is the first shrine you’ll enter in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Think of it as a tutorial of sorts for what is to come with later shrine challenges. Oman Au Shrine is also where you’ll get the Magnesis Rune, which allows Link to control metal with a sort of telekinesis. You’ll run into many puzzles and obstacles similar to the ones you find in Oman Au’s Magnesis Trial throughout the game so pay close attention.

Locating Oman Au Shrine

Oman Au is ridiculously easy to find. The Old Man will point out directly where it is. Oman Au Shrine is located North-Northwest of the Great Plateau Sheikah Tower. You just can’t miss it.

Oman Au Shrine Solution

When you enter the shrine, go to the Guidance Stone on the left and place your Sheikah slate into it. Doing so will grant you the Magnesis Rune which allows you to move metal objects remotely. Once you’ve gotten Magnesis, stand in front of the two metal slabs on the ground.

Use Magnesis and pull one of the metal plates to the side to reveal a hole in the ground that will lead you to the next room. In this room use Magnesis on the metal block sitting amongst the stone blocks that are inhibiting your passage. Use the metal block to push over the stone blocks until they’re out of your way.

In the next room, cross over the metal slab, then use Magnesis to move it and make a bridge to the next area. Once you’ve reached the large metal doors, use Magnesis on them and pull towards you to open them. Head to the podium containing the Sage, and you’ll have completed the Oman Au Shrine Challenge.

Oman Au Shrine Chest

This shrine’s chest is located just before the large metal doors leading to the Sage. The chest happens to be metallic, so just get close to it and use Magnesis to move it in front of you. You can then open the chest and claim the contents.

You’ve conquered the first shrine in Zelda: BOTW, Oman Au Shrine. If you’re having trouble finding the solution for more shrines or another part of the game, check out our The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide.

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