Zelda: Breath of the Wild - All Sheikah Tower Locations

We show you where every Sheikah Tower is so you can complete your map in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to fill in your map, you must seek out Sheikah Towers. When you make your way to the top of a Sheikah Tower, not only do you get a great view of the surrounding area, you can scan your Sheikah Slate and get a portion of the Hyrule map detailed. There are 15 total Sheikah Towers you must find to fill the map of Hyrule completely, and while some of them are easy to spot and get to, some of them are surrounded by some of the most treacherous landscape and obstacles Hyrule has to offer. Below you can find the location of each Sheikah Tower and how to reach and scale them.

All Sheikah Tower Locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Great Plateau Tower

The Great Plateau Tower is the tutorial Sheikah Tower and the first Sheikah Tower you’ll climb. You can't miss the Great Plateau Tower; the main quest won’t progress until you activate it.

Activating the Great Plateau fills in the map for the Great Plateau.

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Dueling Peaks Tower

The Dueling Peaks Tower is most likely the second Sheikah Tower you’ll run into. You'll find it on the road from Great Plateau to Kakariko Village, and it’s situated just before the Dueling Peaks themselves. This one isn’t too hard to reach, though you’ll have to glide and swim a bit to get there. The climb is normal and isn't hard as long as you stop at each level to rest before moving higher on the tower.

Activating the Dueling Peaks Tower fills in the map for Northwestern Necluda (including Kakariko Village) and Southeastern Hyrule Field.

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Hateno Tower

You’ll run into Hateno Tower just to the West of Hateno Village. Hateno Tower is a bit off the road leading to Hateno Village, and you’ll have to do a bit of mountain climbing to get to it. The climb is a normal one, with no obstacles of note stomping your ascent to the deck of the tower.

Activating Hateno Tower fills in the map for Eastern and Southern Necluda (including Hateno Village) as well as part of Mount Lanaryu and the Necluda Sea.

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Lanaryu Tower

Lanaryu Tower is North of Kakariko Village, and right next to the bridge you’ll meet Prince Sidon of the Zora. At the top of this tower is a Zora who is stuck and points you in Prince Sidon’s direction, so you’ll almost assuredly climb this tower during your adventure through the main quest. Lanaryu Tower is easy to get to and easy to climb, and you should have no issues with activating it.

Activating Lanaryu Tower fills in the map for the Lanaryu Wetlands, Lanaryu Great Spring, Lanaryu Sea, and Zora’s Domain.

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Akkala Tower

Akkala Tower is likely to be the first tower that gives you some problems if you choose to go after the Zora Divine Beast Vah Ruta first. Akkala Tower is located directly North of Zora’s Domain, and the area gets cold, so make sure you’re wearing a garment that gives Link some cold resistance. The base of the tower is surrounded by the ruins of a keep which is infested with enemy blue Boboblins as well as calamity goop which damages you. The base of the tower itself is wrapped in calamity goop, which means you’ll either have to paraglide and land above it or climb from the side that doesn’t have any. Once you get about the quarter of the way up, though, nothing will stand in your way of completing the climb.

Activating Akkala Tower fills in the map for the Akkala Highlands, Deep Akkala, and the Akkala Sea.

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Eldin Tower

Eldin Tower is much easier to climb than Akkala Tower, but the land around it can be quite dangerous. Eldin Tower is directly West of Akkala Tower in the foothills of Death Mountain and is located right at the demarcation where it changes from normal world temperature to absolutely burning hot. Because of this, you have to be careful which way you try to approach Eldin Tower from. The best direction to attempt to reach Eldin Tower from is from the South via Eldin Canyon.

Activating Eldin Tower fills in the map for Eldin Canyon, Death Mountain, and the Eldin Mountains.

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Woodland Tower

Woodland Tower is located directly West of Eldin Tower and just to the North of Crenel Hills. The tower is situated on the site of a former Hyrule Military Training Camp which has been taken over by Moblins, Boboblins, Octoroks, and all sorts of irritating baddies. The area that Woodland Tower sets on has also flooded, meaning you’ll have to use the derelict fortifications spotted about its base to make your way to a point where you can start climbing the tower. This is easier said than done, but if you can avoid alerting enemies, you can reach the tower stealthily as long as you attempt this at night and have a strong bow and good aim. Try to kill each Boboblin, the most numerous enemy here, with a headshot, and circle the tower. Eventually, you’ll see a raised platform, and there will be a sleeping Moblin. Sneak past the Moblin if you think you can. If not, you can also use the nearby TNT to kill it and be prepared to run. There’s a level above the Moblin you can climb to. Once you’ve reached this area, you can paraglide the short distance across to Woodland Tower and climb to the top.

Activating Woodland Tower fills in the map for the Great Hyrule Forest and surrounding area.

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Hebra Tower

Hebra Tower is located to the West of the Great Hyrule Forest and East of Rito Village in the Tabantha Tundra. The main issue with reaching Hebra Tower is the extreme cold of the tundra. Make sure you’ve acquired the Snowquill Headdress, Tunic, and Trousers before you try and make your way to Hebra Tower. When you reach the tower, the base will be blocked by ice. You can use a Fire Arrow to melt a section of the ice, or just do what I did and cheese it by jumping at the cracks between blocks until you find one Link will jump over. Once you’re past the ice blocks, the Hebra Tower climb is smooth.

Activating Hebra Tower fills in the map for the Tabantha Tundra and Hebra Mountains.

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Tabantha Tower

The Tabantha Tower is located directly South of the Rito Village and to the West of Hyrule Ridge. Tabantha Tower has calamity goop at the bottom, much like Akkala Tower, but it’s a lot easier to climb than it initially looks. Climb the column to the Southwest of the tower and look to the Northern column. You’ll see an eyeball there that you can shoot with an arrow. Once you’ve taken the eyeball out the goop will disappear from around the base of the northern column, and it will fall into the side of Tabantha Tower. Just use the north column as a ramp and walk right up to the side of Tabantha Tower and climb it.

Activating Tabantha Tower fills in the map for the Tabantha Frontier and Rito Village.

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Gerudo Tower

South of Tabantha Tower and North of Gerudo Town, you’ll find Gerudo Tower. This tower is unique in that is cannot be climbed by land. Instead, you must paraglide onto the side of it from the cliffs above. Other than this small unique trait, Gerudo Tower is and easy climb.

Activating Gerudo Tower fills in the map for the Gerudo Highlands.

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Wastelands Tower

The Wastelands Tower is located East of Gerudo Town near the Gerudo Desert Gateway where Gerudo Canyon opens into the Gerudo Desert. Getting to this tower can be imposing as the base is surrounded by bubbling tar. However, it’s easy once you figure out the puzzle. Use Magnesis to move one of the nearby metal boxes in front of the side with three stone slabs leading to the tower like dominoes. As soon as you drop the box into the tar, switch to Stasis and freeze time on the box. You can then use the box as a stepping stone to the slabs. Use the slabs to cross over to Wasteland Tower and climb to the top.

Activating Wasteland Tower fills in the map for the Gerudo Desert and Gerudo Town.

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Ridgeland Tower

This tower is located South-Southeast of Hebra Tower and to the West of Hyrule Castle. Ridgeland Tower is one of the more irritating towers to climb. It’s situated on a small lake with several Electric Wizzrobes nearby. Unlike many other towers that have enemies near them, you can’t just climb to get away from the Wizzrobes because they’ll follow you. Instead, go scorched earth on them and kill them from the shore with the special arrows of your choice. Once they’re out of the way, you can use the small islands in the lake to rest on and regain your stamina as you swim to Ridgeland Tower.

Activating Ridgeland Tower fills in the map for Hyrule Ridge.

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Central Tower

Central Tower isn’t so hard to climb as long as you can keep enemies off your back. Near the base of Central Tower are several Guardian Scouts that will lock-on and blast you off the tower before you can reach the top. Stealthing to the tower, or taking out the Guardian Scouts before you attempt to climb it are your best bet.

Activating Central Tower fills in the map for all of Central Hyrule.

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Lake Tower

Lake Tower is one of the easier towers to find. Lake Tower is located South of Lake Hylia and West of Faron Tower. As long as you can make it to Lake Tower, nothing is surrounding it to inhibit your climb.

Activating Lake Tower fills in the map for Lake Hylia, Faron Grasslands, and the Faron Sea.

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Faron Tower

The hardest part to activating Faron Tower is finding it. It’s tucked in a lower elevation than most towers, so it’s not immediately apparent where it is. In fact, Faron Tower is located in an area of the map you don’t have to visit to complete the main storyline. To find Faron Tower, you want to go South of the Dueling Peaks until you reach a tropical jungle-like area. Once you do, keep going South until you find a river. Near the Northern bank of this river will be Faron Tower. There is an Electric Wizzrobe near the base of Faron Tower, make sure to take it out before you attempt the climb.

Activating Faron Tower fills in the map for the Eastern Faron Grasslands and Southwestern Necluda.

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Now that you’ve activated all the Sheikah Towers and revealed the full map of Hyrule, head over to find all the shrine locations. For more helpful info, check out our The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide hub.

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