Pokemon Go Downloads Reach 650 Million

Only 150 million of that has been in the last six months.


After a huge breakout launch last year, Pokemon Go has faded from the news a bit. But people are still downloading the game, as developer Niantic Labs has revealed at GDC that the game has surpassed the 650 million download milestone.

Of course, 500 million of that was in the first two months, but it is still an impressive number. Pokemon Go also reached $600 million in revenue faster than any mobile game to date.

Niantic also said that people continue to build up the number of miles walked in the game. Players have accumulated more than 5.4 billion miles while hunting the elusive pocket monsters, or the equivalent of more than 216,000 time around the Earth. 

After some early communication problems and launch issues with the game, Niantic has released several updates, including a recent one earlier this month adding 80 new Pokemon from the Pokemon Gold and Silver versions of the franchise. Niantic's Chief Technology Officer Phil Keslin said the company plans to keep updating the game, and is committed to the game for the long term. Pokemon also celebrated its 21 anniversary yesterday, which could also help renew interest in the game

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