Hearthstone's Next Expansion is 'Journey to Un'Goro'

Prepare to walk in the large and imposing footsteps of dinosaurs this April.


Blizzard has confirmed earlier rumors today by confirming that the next Hearthstone expansion will be the Journey to Un'Goro. The expansion is coming sometime in April, and will add 135 new cards to the growing collection.

The announcement promises a primordial area with elementals and fierce predatory dinosaurs. The expansion will introduce a few new gameplay elements when it's introduced. Some dinosaurs will come with an "Adapt" function, which lets you augment them with extra abilities like Divine Shield, Taunt, or extra attack power. That will let you customize the cards as you need them in a given gameplay situation.

Another new card type, Quest, will always be in your opening hand, and always only costs 1 Mana. It gives you special conditions to meet over the course of a game, and fulfilling it will grant you a special, powerful card. In the example shown, completing a Quest to summon 7 Deathrattle minions in one game gives Amara, Warden of Hope, a Priest Legendary that sets your Hero's health to 40. Quests will be visible in a way similar to Secrets, but your opponent will be able to see them and make strategic decisions based on what you're trying to do.

Finally, the expansion will add a new tribe called Elemental, and some existing cards will have the Elemental tribal tag placed onto them. 

As usual, Blizzard will be selling a 50-pack bundle for pre-order, available for $49.99. It's a one-per-user deal that offers cheaper packs than the average. But with a few months to go, you can start saving up your gold reserves now, because the packs will be for sale with in-game currency too. The official site is already up with an accompanying cinematic trailer. You can see that trailer embedded, along with plenty of card reveals, in the video below.

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