CCP Games Announces Full-Body VR Sport Game Sparc

Sparc is meant as a full-body VR experience that has players competing online with others. 


CCP Games has announced Sparc, a brand new virtual sport that’s meant to be played solely within the confines of virtual reality. It was created with the intention of inviting players to compete with each other in full-body online VR experiences and it’s currently in development for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. Billed as the “first wholly original IP” to be shipped by CCP outside of its massively popular EVE universe, it’s set for release in 2017.

Sparc’s full-body gameplay will be marketed as a sport, essentially, where players use motion controllers to hurl projectiles at opponents and then dodge incoming projectiles in turn by blocking, dodging, or deflecting the oncoming attacks. One-on-one matches will be possible with friends online or players can turn to matchmakers to compete with others in an online community. CCP Games has coined the term “vSport” to refer to Sparc, which looks as though it could be a bid for virtual eSports in the future, if the tracking works well enough to make it a viable option.

Sparc will allow players to spectate in-person matches and queue up for the next in VR via the Courtside social arena platform. Players can compete in two-player game modes as well as single-player and training exercises. More information will be coming out about Sparc via CCP Games this year, but for now you can check out the official Sparc site for additional details. You can see the trailer below.

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