Doom Works on a Porsche 911, But Do Not Try This on the Road

OK, it doesn't really work, but it is fun to imagine ... and scary at the same time.


People have discovered some crazy ways to play Doom. Most platforms are not that viable for actual play, but are done just for the achievement of being able to say "Hey, look, this runs Doom!" The latest way to supposedly run it, should be tried at home ... just to show it doesn't work.

Yes, YouTube user vexal has created a video allegedly showing that Doom can run on a Porsche 911 just by using a USB drive with your sports car's VIN on it, and an original Doom disk. The car's computer system can be put into debug mode, and the game disk inserted into the CD player. But, alas, everything going forward is likely choregraphed to match his driving to the video being shown on the car's Communication Management Screen. While vexal claims that car makers are opening up their systems, the opposite is true to keep hackers from doing stupid stuff ... like running Doom to play while they are driving. 

Granted it could be a really cool novelty to have Doom playing on your computer screen and the great classic soundtrack pounding on the speakers as you breeze down the highway, but in reality, that wouldn't happen. People would try it and we would suddenly see a rash of crazy drivers appearing on highways just trying to get through the level without dying. "I'm not drunk officer, I was just playing Doom ... no, really." Attorneys and insurance agents would need to be on speed dial.

The joke video is below, and notice the toaster he has in the passenger seat. It is a homage to some of his previous work. Enjoy the laugh.

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