Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode Gets New Content

The free standalone game based on the mode also gets the same upgrade.


Square Enix has released some new content for the virtual hacker Breach mode of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, adding some new content to the game, as well as the standalone free-to-play version.

The free content includes

  • The Ghost Networks: Randomly generated server networks are made available each day. Players can complete them for extra rewards.
  • New Picus Corporate Server: Scattered throughout the Palisade Networks are 11 all-new Picus Corporation server maps for players to master.
  • New Darknet Files: A new conspiracy, targeting Picus, is waiting to be solved. Note that this can't be started until all previous cases are solved.
  • New weapons and items

For those unfamiliar with the mode, game play takes place in the virtual world of the Neural Subnet, and players must hack servers, download a minimal amount of info and escape to an extraction point before time runs out. The Breach mode was made into its own standalone free-to-play game in January.

More DLC is coming to the main game in the form of A Criminal Past prequel story on February 23.

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