Modojo Rewind: Nintendo's Mobile Strategy; Fallen Lords; and Adorable Horror

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News stops for no man, and that remains true over at Modojo, Shacknews' sister-site, where we focus on portable gaming and tech. This week has seen Nintendo doubling down on their mobile gaming efforts after two successful releases, the most recent of which will be getting continued support in the future. Even Pokemon Go has jumped back into the spotlight, hoping to bring you and your significant other outside for exercise yet again.

It's not all about Nintendo though, as the equal parts adorable and horrific Slayaway Camp is lurking in the shadows. We've also got reviews of ninjas and a game that you probably didn't expect to hear from again. All this and more went down over on Modojo this week, so let's get you into the highlights!

Pokemon Go Valentine's Day

Nintendo Does What Ninten-didn't-used-to-do

Nintendo's mobile strategy not only continues, it flourishes. With the release of Fire Emblem Heroes out of the way, the publisher promises it will continue to support the strategy title into the future, and has already held an event in its honor. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has also come out and said that they plan to release 2-3 mobile games each year, and that their recent launches have made them much more confident in their mobile outings.

Pokemon also jumped back into headlines this week. If you're still out catching the critters in real life, then Pokemon Go has a special event running for Valentine's Day that will help you catch a few more. If the mainline entries are more your thing, you'll be interested to know that Pokemon Sun and Moon finally had their first successful global mission.

We've also put together a list of DS and 3DS games that we feel deserve successors on the Switch. If any of you still have that uncle that works at Nintendo, be sure to forward him that for us please.

Ninjas and Lords Come Under Review

On the review end of things, we've got a couple for you to check out this week, though neither title seems to have turned out particularly well. If you're looking to add a little class to your mobile gaming, you might want to check out Kevin Tucker's review of Gentleman Ninja, where you can slash away at enemies in style.

This week also saw the announcement and quick release of a game you likely didn't expect to hear from again, let alone on mobile devices. Lords of the Fallen has made the jump to phones and tablets, and if Josh Hawkins' review is anything to go by, you might be better off sticking to your console version.

Adorable or Horrifying? How About Both!

If you like your horror with a dash of adorable thrown in, then you might be in luck. The cutest slasher flick you've ever seen can be yours to manipulate. The developer of Slayaway Camp announced this week that it will be releasing for mobile platforms soon, so get ready to take out those pesky teenage campers. If you're more interested in the horror than the cute-ness, then Corpse Party: Blood Drive is available now for your phone. Just in case you like the idea of being horrified on the bus.

That's it for this Modojo Rewind. Keep an eye out, as we'll be bringing you more mobile gaming and tech news soon!

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