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For Honor: How to Fix Uplay Connection Errors

The open beta of For Honor has begun, and so have the problems with Ubisoft's Uplay servers being down.


The For Honor open beta kicked off today and a lot of players are already reporting issues with being unable to start their downloads. Is Uplay down? Are the Uplay servers on fire? While there hasn't been any official statement at the moment, it is possible that the Uplay servers themselves are being overloaded with players trying to get into the For Honor open beta. If things haven't cooled off in an hour or so, be sure to check out the following resolutions to make sure there aren't any issues on your end

Make Sure Uplay and For Honor are Whitelisted

The first step to solving gaming connectivity issues is usually to do a simple check to see if your firewall is the issue. If Uplay servers are still down after a couple of hours open your firewall and make sure that you have set it to allow both Uplay and For Honor to make external connections.

Reset Your Computer

A reset is the pancea for a ton of computer-related issues. Sometimes it's almost impossible to tell what's happening when connectivity or driver issues arise. Usually though, the quickest fix for problems like this is a simple reset.

Reset Your Router

If resetting you computer didn't work, try restarting your router. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the service that provides your internet may clear up any issues you're having with connecting to Uplay.

Unplug Hardware You're Not Using

To ensure that there are no driver conflicts causing issues with your internet connection, unplug any hardware you're not currently using. Sometimes internal address conflicts can cause hardware errors and depending on how you connect to the web; these conflicts could be an issue.

Try Connecting Under Another Windows Profile

Sometimes an obscure setting can wreak havoc on your ability to game. If all the above tips don't work and allow you to start downloading or playing For Honor, try creating a new Windows Profile. When you create a new Windows profile, many settings will be returned to default. If this fixes your issue with connecting to Uplay, you can then compare the connection settings between the two profiles and see what went wrong.

More than likely any issues you may be having with being unable to start your download of For Honor, or Uplay servers being down is on Ubisoft's end. However, we hope that if there was an issue on your end the above tips helped resolve them.

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