Nintendo Switch Will Ship Without a Web Browser

The Nintendo Switch won't have the capability to go on the web, at least at launch.


The Nintendo Switch will come without a web browser. According to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, during an interview with TIME, Nintendo considers the Switch a "dedicated video game platform," and therefore did not prioritize web browser functionality.

The Nintendo Switch looks like it's designed to place gaming above all. In addition to its lack of web browsing functionality, there will not be a Miiverse available on the Switch. Additionally, the Mii Maker functionality has become optional with Nintendo's new handheld/console hybrid. Instead, the Mii Maker will be placed in the System Settings menu instead of front and center as a Home menu app. If users don't wish to create a Mii, they can instead pick from a variety of Nintendo character images to use as an avatar.

If you were hoping the Nintendo Switch would be an all-in-one device, it looks like you're out of luck. I think that Nintendo's razor focus on providing the best UI and feature set to support the Switch's main purpose of running video games is a very good idea. It seems like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have all gotten bogged down with UI issues in the past, and Nintendo might have the right idea by making the Nintendo Switch spartan and functional at first, then building on features a little at a time.

We'll know more about the Nintendo Switch's UI and capabilities when it launches on March 3.

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