Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get More Orbs

Nintendo and DeNA are giving Fire Emblem Heroes players a chance to get more orbs through events and the new Launch Celebration Maps.


Fire Emblem Heroes from Nintendo has you controlling a team of heroes from the Fire Emblem series of games as they fight against the evil Emblian Empire. To get more of these heroes, and more powerful heroes, you must spend a premium currency known as Orbs. You can either buy these Orbs with real cash or collect them in game through a variety of options. You may be looking for Fire Emblem Orb hacks, but the way Fire Emblem Heroes is set up prevents any shennanigans like that. Any program offering to "hack Orbs" for Fire Emblem Heroes is more than likely malicious software and should be avoided at all costs.  We'll show you what events give you the most Orbs, and how to get more Orbs by playing the Launch Celebration maps.

Getting Orbs Through Rewards in Fire Emblem Heroes

When you first start playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you can get some Orbs quickly just by completing certain tasks. For completing the Tutorial at the beginning of the game, you get 15 Orbs. If you link your Nintendo Account, you will be rewarded an additional 10 Orbs.

Additionally, you can get an Orb as a reward for completing Story Maps. For most Story Maps you get one Orb when you complete the map for the first time. For now, you also get two Orbs each day just for logging in.

Getting Orbs Through Events in Fire Emblem Heroes

From now until March 14, you can go to the Special Maps section of the Battle menu and play the Launch Celebration Maps. Defeating the Launch Celebration map on either normal or hard will give you three Orbs. You can clear both of them for a total of six Orbs gained.

There will be new Launch Celebration Maps launched over the next month, and presumably, you can get an additional six orbs by defeating the normal and hard modes of those maps. New Launch Celebration Maps will release on February 13, 20, 27, and March 6.

Getting Orbs Through In-App Purchases

If you would rather just have Orbs now, you can choose to purchase them in the Fire Emblem Heroes in-game shop. The pricing for Orbs are:

  • 3 Orbs - $1.99
  • 10 Orbs - $5.99
  • 23 Orbs - $12.99
  • 35 Orbs - $19.99
  • 48 Orbs - $26.99
  • 75 Orbs - $39.99
  • 140 Orbs - $74.99

We hope this guide helped you get a few more Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes. Now that you have some Orbs, learn how to get more Hero Feathers, or see our Fire Emblem guide for more helpful info.

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