Superhot VR Gets A 'Forever' Update This Month

The fan-favorite Superhot VR will be receiving several augments in a new update that releases sometime in February. 


Superhot VR has been a perpetual favorite for anyone who experiences it given its unique premise, sharp graphics, and addictive mechanics. It’s certainly one game that feels as though it “truly” belongs in the virtual realm. It’s about to get even more awesome, however, with the new Forever update that’s poised to add several new features.

Superhot VR's Forever update is said to add “hours of gameplay” according to the official Oculus blog post, where it’s said that the update will introduce multiple new play modes and a special 10-minute challenge mode, where you get just 10 minutes to complete the entire game. That’s an impressive feat indeed.

You can explore modes where only headshots will take out enemies, try and finish the game without firing a single shot, play a more hardcore mode with quicker enemies and less reaction time, and then race against your best-scoring runs while in bullet time and real-world time. Essentially, these were all dreamt up by the dev team to ensure players can enjoy more challenging modes aside from what the core game has to offer. 

These features will be arriving with the Forever update at some point this month, though a concrete date has not been announced just yet. Once we’ve got a date to share we’ll let you know. In the meantime you might want to brush up on your Superhot VR skills, especially if you want to try and complete that 10-minute challenge. It sounds like a real doozy.

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