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Conan Exiles Official Servers Down While Developer Seeks New Partner

Funcom brings down official servers when partner PingPerfect can't keep up quality.


Conan Exiles has only been on Steam Early Access a short time, but there's already an issue with official server support. To be fair, according to developer Funcom it's not a problem on its end. Instead, the problem seems to be from the service Funcom chose to host the official servers, PingPerfect.

Exactly what occurred between the two companies is unknown, with Funcom claiming the overwhelming demand for servers meant PingPerfect was unable to deliver the level of quality and service Funcom requires. According to a Steam news post by Conan Exiles Community Manager Jens Erik, Funcom and PingPerfect have mutually agreed to end their partnership.

While Funcom is seeking a new server partner, though, official servers will be unavailable. Out of the almost 7700 Conan Exiles servers online only 200 were official servers, so the temporary loss of the official servers won't put much of a damper on those wishing to play the game.

However, as a result of the split with PingPerfect, Funcom has removed the 25% Lifetime Discount offer from the Barbarian Edition. Funcom does plan to honor any offers purchased before today, but the discount will no longer be available with new Barbarian Edition sales.

Funcom will be keeping the databases from the old official servers, and once a new server partner is found, the data will be migrated to the new official servers. For now, though, Conan Exile players will have to depend on unofficial servers to play.

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