Fire Emblem Heroes Merge Allies - Combine Units to Increase Their Power

Merge allies in Fire Emblem Heroes to make two weak heroes into one strong one.


Fire Emblem Heroes allows you to merge allies that are alike to make one single stronger hero. However, the game doesn't explain the best way to go about this process. What does "Merge Allies" mean, and when and why is it a good idea? We'll give you the answers to these questions in this guide about mergining your allies in Fire Emblem Heroes.

You can't get back any heroes you've used to merge allies, so make sure you read the complete guide before you make a decision to use the feature. Sometimes it's best to wait until the right time before you combine two heroes.

How to Merge Allies in Fire Emblem Heroes

The wording in the game makes it sound like you could merge any two allies, but that's not the case. To use the Merge Allies feature you must have two of the same hero. Once you have two heroes that are the same you can merge them by tapping "Allies" on the main castle hall screen, then tapping "Advanced Growth," and finally tapping "Merge Allies."

You'll see two slots above your list of characters. One is marked "Enhance, " and the other is marked "Lose." The character you put in the Enhance slot is the one that is receiving the benefits of the Merge Allies power-up, and the one in the Lose slot is the one that will be sacrificed.

Benefits From Using Merge Allies in Fire Emblem Heroes

Once you've placed a hero in the Enhance slot and one in the Lose slot, you'll be able to see what bonuses the hero in the Enhance slot will gain. If the two allies are the same star rating, the power-up will typically be gaining a level and some SP. However, if the hero in the Enhance slot is a higher star rating than the one in the Lose slot then you won't get any stat or level bonuses, just SP.

Another disadvantage to using Merge Allies is that once you unlock a hero's potential and raise their star rating, any stat boosts from using Merge Allies are negated. The best thing to use Merge Allies for is a short term stat boost and to clean up your character roster. You only have 200 slots to put characters in Fire Emblem Heroes. Merging like allies helps keep slots open so you can receieve new unique characters.

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