Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get the Hero Feather

We'll tell you how to get the Fire Emblem Heroes Hero Feather and how to use it.


Fire Emblem Heroes contains a multitude of special items that will help you make your heroes stronger. One of the most essential of these items is the Hero Feather. The Hero Feather is used to unlock potential for your heroes and allow you to raise their star level. In conjunction with Badges, Hero Feathers are the best way to push your characters to the next level.

Where Do I Get More Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes

Getting Hero Feathers in Story MapsThere are several ways to get more Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes. To unlock your heroes' potentials you may need more than one Hero Feather per unlock, so you need a steady supply of the feathers to make sure you're leveling up your characters as soon as possible.

When you complete a story map, you'll get a random item. The first time you complete a map, it's usually an Orb, but subsequent victories on a map can net you other valuable items like a Hero Feather.

Getting Hero Feathers in Arena Duels

In the arena, you can fight other players' teams in PvP combat. If you win in PvP combat enough, there's a chance you may receive Hero Feathers as a prize.

Getting the Hero Feather in Special Maps

There are Special Maps in Fire Emblem Heroes that have all sorts of prizes, from characters to items. Sometimes the prizes on these maps map include a Hero Feather.

Getting a Hero Feather By Greeting Other Players

When you add a person to your Friends List, their commander will come to your castle to visit. Every once in a while they may give you Hero Feathers when you click on them. Look for them to be surrounded by floating hearts and tap on them to see if they have a present for you.

Getting Hero Feathers from Your Heroes in Your Castle

Sometimes your own heroes will be gracious enough to give you a Hero Feather. When you're on the main screen in Fire Emblem Heroes looking at the Castle Hall, check to see if any of your heroes is surrounded by floating hearts. If they are, tap on them and they may have some Hero Feathers to give you.

How to Use the Hero Feather in Fire Emblem Heroes

Once you have a character at level 20, you can unlock their potential. To unlock a heroes potential you'll need to have one or more Hero Feathers and the right Badges or Great Badges. If you have the right amount of items, then you can unlock a hero's potential, and they'll raise by one-star level.

If your character is at a three-star level or less, then you'll need regular Badges to unlock their potential. However, if you're trying to level up a character from four stars to five stars, you'll need Great Badges. There is also the chance you may need several Hero Feathers, so make sure to hold on to them until you have an opportunity to unlock the potential of a character you really like.

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