Fire Emblem Heroes Tips: Level Up Quickly, Unlock Potential, Battle Strategy

Our Fire Emblem Heroes tips will show you how to get Shards, Crystals, Badges, Great Badges, and Hero Feathers to level up fast and unlock potential.


Fire Emblem Heroes is out now for iOS and Android, and mobile players are getting their first taste of Fire Emblem gameplay. Fire Emblem Heroes is a bit more complicated than Nintendo's last mobile game, Super Mario Run. In this Fire Emblem Heroes Tips, we'll show you how to add friends, unlock your heroes' potential, tell you what the best heroes and units are, and how to summon more heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips on Battling

Fire Emblem Heroes follows the Fire Emblem series convention of having a Triangle of Power. The Triangle of Power words as a sort of Rock-Paper-Scissors system that works as follows:

Red is strong against Green and weak to Blue.

Green is strong against Blue and weak to Red.

Blue is strong against Red and weak to Green.

The Triangle of Power is the most fundamental aspect of the battle system in Fire Emblem Heroes. Each hero is either Red, Green, Blue, or colorless, and you'll want to make sure you keep your team diverse so that you don't catch yourself being defeated by an opposition made up of the color to which your heroes are weak.

How to Level Up Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes

To unlock a heroes potential in Fire Emblem Heroes, you'll have to first level them up to level 20. You can level up your heroes by either fighting battles or by using Shards to level them up to level 19 and then Crystals to level them up to level 20.

To level up quickly, you can visit the Training Tower. Once per day, you can complete a Training Tower map to receive Shards or Crystals you can then use to level up your hero. However, you have to match the right type of Crystal or Shard to the right type of hero to be able to level them up.

The Types of Crystals and Shards are:

Scarlet Shards and Scarlet Crystals level up Red-type heroes.

Azure Shards and Azure Crystals level up Blue-type heroes.

Verdant Shards and Verdant Crystals level up Green-type heroes.

Transparent Shards and Transparent Crystals level up colorless heroes.

Universal Shards and Universal Crystals level up any hero.

How to Unlock Potential in Fire Emblem Heroes

Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes are rated by a star system. One star heroes are the most common and typically the weakest, and you can get all the way up to five star heroes, which are the rarest and best. There is a way to increase your heroes star ranks in Fire Emblem Heroes, though, and that's by unlocking their potential.

To unlock a character's potential, they must first be at least level 20. Then, you must gather the correct amount of Hero Feathers and Badges to unlock that heroes potential. The more stars a character has, the more Hero Feathers and Badges you need to unlock their potential. Additionally, if your character is at four stars, you must collect Great Badges to unlock their potential.

Badges and Great Badges work much like Shards and Crystals do. You can visit the Training Tower once a day for a chance to win Badges or Great Badges. To get Hero Feathers, you can wait for your friends to visit you or you can win them in battles.

The Types of Badges and Great Badges are:

Scarlet Badges and Great Scarlet Badges unlock potential for Red-type heroes.

Azure Badges and Great Azure Badges unlock potential for Blue-type heroes.

Verdant Badges and Great Verdant Badges unlock potential for Green-type heroes.

Transparent Badges and Great Transparent Badges unlock potential for colorless heroes.

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