Fire Emblem Heroes - How to Fix Crashing from Code 803-0003 or 803-3001 Errors

This guide shows you what to do if you suffer from either error code or can't link your Nintendo Account in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Fire Emblem Heroes just released yesterday, and although most people can download and enjoy it just fine, some people have been affected by crashes and errors. There have also been some issues with linking Nintendo Accounts with Fire Emblem Heroes. This guide will tell you why you're getting error code 803-0003 or 803-3001 and why you're having problems linking your Nintendo Account to Fire Emblem Heroes.

How to Fix Fire Emblem Heroes Support Code 803-3001

This error is affecting both iOS and Android devices. Fire Emblem Heroes Support Code: 803-3001 pops up on the main screen of the game and won't let you start the game. This code appears because the Fire Emblem Heroes servers are overloaded and cannot begin the download of the additional data needed to start the game.

Fixing code 803-3001 in Fire Emblem Heroes is both easy and frustrating. To fix it, you just have to wait and try to start the game again later. Fire Emblem Heroes just launched, so there's a huge amount of people trying to download and try the game for the first time. As time goes on, fewer people will be downloading the game data, and you'll be able to play.

There is also speculation that code 803-3001 on Android devices may be caused by Fire Emblem Fates blocking rooted devices. This hasn't been confirmed, but if you're using a rooted Android device, try starting the game on another non-rooted device and see if that's the culprit.

How to Fix Fire Emblem Heroes Error Code 803-0003

Fire Emblem Heroes Code 803-0003 presents itself with the message, "A communications error has occurred. Support Code: 803-0003." With this code, the game will let you past the title screen, but when it begins to download the additional data needed to play the game, you'll receive this error.

Like the error above, code 803-0003 can simply mean that the Fire Emblem Heroes servers are overloaded. Your best bet to fix this issue is just to wait and try again later. Code 803-0003 could also occur if you don't have a stable connection to the internet, so you may want to try moving closer to your Wi-Fi Router and trying to start the game again.

What to Do When You Cannot Link Nintendo Account in Fire Emblem Heroes

Some people can download Fire Emblem Heroes just fine, but when they go to link their Nintendo Accounts they get timeouts and error messages. The solution to this issue is the same as the two errors above. The Nintendo Account servers have been flooded with people making new accounts and linking current accounts to Fire Emblem Heroes. You'll simply have to wait and try to link your account again later.

We hope this guide helped you to understand some of the errors occurring with Fire Emblem Heroes. Take a look at our Fire Emblem Heroes guide hub for more info on Nintendo's new mobile title. 

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