Sony's newest PlayStation VR bundle includes Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, is exclusive to GameStop

The bundle bundles the headset, camera, game, two Move controllers, and a demo disc.


Later this month, Sony will release a PSVR bundle that includes everything you need to get started plus Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (via IGN).

Set to retail for $499, the bundle is exclusive to GameStop and includes the PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, a demo disc, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Sony is also bringing back the PSVR launch bundle. Another $499 package, the launch bundle includes all the same trimmings minus Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Unlike the horror-themed package, the launch bundle will be available everywhere.

Rush of Blood is a spinoff entry in the critically acclaimed Until Dawn horror series of games. The game was designed specifically with horror in mind, and is much more action-oriented than the core Until Dawn game, which is rooted more in adventure mechanics.

"Arm yourself to the teeth then blast your way through a horde of enemies and monsters coming at you from all angles," reads the official description for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. "Duck and dodge everything that's thrown at you in this fright-filled rollercoaster ride from hell exclusive to PlayStation VR."

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