Super Mario Run Gets an 'Easy Mode' in New Update

New changes to Super Mario Run mean less stress for beginners.


Super Mario Run's latest update brings an Easy Mode to the iOS game. Easy Mode will allow players to play levels without the threat of any deaths or time limits. Additionally, changes have been made to Toad Rally mode that has you losing fewer Toads if you come in second.

All in all the changes made in this update to Super Mario Run are designed to make the game less challenging and perhaps more accessible to a wider array of iOS users. I wouldn't have called the game "difficult" by any stretch of the word before the update, but if people were having trouble with it, I guess the lower difficulty is a good thing.

As reported by our sister site Modojo, Super Mario Run has been successful in comparison to other mobile games. Of the 78 million downloads, 5% of users have paid the $9.99 unlock fee for the full game. That might not seem like a high amount, but analysts have said that mobile games that charge less for full unlocks get around 3% of players to purchase the full game.

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