Noclip's next video profiles id Software co-founder and Doom co-creator John Romero

Join Romero and Noclip on a jaunt through Irish countryside.


Noclip's next video, the first in a new series of developer profiles, will follow id Software co-founder and Doom and Quake co-designer John Romero.

Noclip published a teaser for the Profiles episode, slated for publication on Tuesday, January 31, at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET.

"Noclip Profiles is our new series where we take a closer look at the lives of the people who play and make games. In our first Profile we talk to John Romero about his extraordinary career, his passion for independence, and his new life on the west coast of Ireland," reads the teaser's description.

John Romero's Profiles episode will mark Noclip's third project. Founded by former GameSpot editor Danny O'Dwyer, Noclip is funded through Patreon. Its first two projects charted the development of Rocket League and last year's Doom reboot, which received the Shacknews Game of the Year award.

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