Nintendo Switch Touchscreen to be Enhanced by TouchSense Technology

Nintendo is partnering with Immersion to bring added senstivity to the Switch's touchscreen. 


The Nintendo Switch will feature a range of control inputs and options, ranging from its detachable Joy-Con controllers to its motion controls and "HD" rumble. Now, mere days after the formal reveal event for the Switch, we've learned Nintendo has plans to partner with Immersion to bring TouchSense technology to the hybrid console. 

Digital Trends reports the haptic tech will allow developers to access theTouchSense software suite, which will in turn give them the tools to develop games with touch based control functionality on the Switch. 

TouchSense has been used in previous Apple technology including the Mac OS and several iPhone iterations. Its unique structure of haptic feedback mixed with touch integration will hopefully introduce new methods of immersion and control to games on the Nintendo Switch, all while giving developers more creative tools to innovate.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3 for $299. Read our list of every game confirmed for the Switch to learn more. 

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