Those Motion Controls In Nintendo's Arms Are Optional

If you'd rather play with more traditional controls, you're certainly welcome to do that. 


Nintendo introduced several new titles during its livestream where it announced the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, which can be used as a portable or home device. One of them was Arms, an intriguing and colorful brawler in which opponents grapple with long, springy arms and special weaponry.

The arms were demonstrated to be controlled via motion control via the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, and so many were under the impression that this fighter could potentially be marred by motion controls. Fans were also a bit iffy on motion-only control since it could be awkward to play the game for long stretches of time.

Luckily, Nintendo announced during its recent Treehouse Live stream that the motion controls won’t be mandatory. In fact, they will indeed by optional and you can choose the traditional button controls to play if you’d like instead. An eagle-eyed viewer tipped off fansite NintendoEverything and you can view the stream for yourself below for good measure. It’s probably for the best, as it looks like it could get you pretty tired pretty quickly if you play a lot of longer sessions.

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