Nintendo gives overview of Switch dock, Joy-Con Grip, and other hardware

Just remove the Switch from your dock to use it as a portable system.


As conveyed in its trailer from October, the Nintendo Switch is designed as both a console and portable. At tonight's Nintendo Switch Reveal Event, we finally got a look at various peripherals and modes.

Nintendo Switch's TV Mode lets you play video games "on the TV in typical videogame style." Tabletop Mode lets you pop the kickstand and use the Joy-Con to play with others or on your own.

Handheld Mode is the portable mode: play anywhere, anytime, and pass one of the two Joy-Con peripherals to a friend. Each Joy-Con peripheral—left and right grips—will retail for $49.99 apiece. You can buy a complete set for $69.99. The Joy-Con charging grip will cost $29.99. Finally, a Joy-Con Wheel, a plastic shell that the peripherals snap into, will run you $14.99.

The Switch will be equipped with a 6.2-inch display that runs at 1280 x 720 resolution in handheld mode. When connected to a TV through the Switch dock, the Switch outputs in 1080p. Nintendo did confirm the Switch ran on a custom NVIDIA Tegra SoC but didn't release any detailed information.

The Switch includes 32GB of onboard memory but can be expanded with microSD. As predicted, games for the system with come on physical Switch GameCards, which are similar to the existing Nintendo 3DS cartridges. The Nintendo Switch's software will also be region-free, so you can import games from anywhere in the world and play them on any Switch system. The Switch will use a standard USB-C connection to recharge, and presumably, the same connection will link the system to the dock when it's in TV mode.

As for internet connectivity, the Switch can use up to 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which can connect the system to a wireless router, or it can link up to eight Switch systems for local multiplayer. The Switch can also use a USB LAN adapter if you choose to hardwire it to your network.

Battery life varies based on the game, running from two to six hours. You'll be able to play while the system charges, and Switch consoles will include an AC adapter for recharging.

Nintendo will sell a Switch Dock Set, the charging station for the Nintendo Switch itself, separately, for $89.99. You shouldn't need one, however, as both Switch SKUs include one.

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