Skyrim Script Extender Mod Coming to Skyrim Special Edition

A beta is planned for March this year. 


Developers of the Skyrim Script Extender have announced plans to create and eventually test a new 64-bit version for the recently-released Skyrim: Special Edition.

A mod on which others are built, the Skyrim Script Extender allows for more customization and scripting options within the game. The previous version of the SKSE was not compatible with Bethesda’s newly-updated version of the 2011 open-world RPG. Check out their most recent December 2016 update in the video below.

The 64-bit PC version is not yet available, although beta testing may be available as soon as March. The release of the SKSE may allow for a whole new set of mods to be released for the Special Edition, including popular ones that alter UI and other aspects of the game mechanics and performance.  

Combining the DLC and some graphical enhancements, Skyrim Special Edition also included mods on console, joining Fallout 4 as one of the first games to have mods available across all platforms. It remains a limited number that will work with the console version, but mod capabilities on console could set an interesting precedent for the future.

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