CES 2017: Avegant Glyph Gives You the Big Screen Experience Without the Screen

The Avegant Glyph uses new tech to fit a cinema experience in a small package.


The Avegant Glyph is a personal video headset that brings the experience of a large TV or cinema in a package about the size of a large pair of over-the-ear headphones. This allows you to take a personal HD video experience on-the-go and watch a movie, play a game, or connect to a smartphone or tablet in complete privacy.

The secret to the Glyph's cinematic experience is Avegant's Retinal Imaging Technology. The tech takes an HD video source and using a low-power light source, beams it through a series of small optics onto millions of microscopic mirrors. These mirrors then reflect the light into your eye in a way that prevents any pixelation or lines and make the Avegant Glyph a lot easier on the eyes that other video headsets.

The Avegant Glyph is available now and retails for $699.00.

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