Modder Shows Resident Evil 7 Demo Played In Third-Person

Resident Evil 7's protagonist seems to have lost his mind.

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Modder Tom Humble has modded the Resident Evil 7 demo for PC's camera to show us what the game looks like from a third-person perspective. The game takes to third-person surprisingly well, and it's easy to see how scalable the new Resident Evil engine is.

One of the major issues with the third-person camera angle in Resident Evil 7 though is that protagonist Ethan's head is missing. Many first-person games forego a head model for the protagonist to avoid clipping issues with the camera and still allow you to look down and see the character's body.

Ethan's animations are pretty great for a first-person game, and he moves pretty naturally considering you can't see most of his movement from a first-person view. Once the full game comes out, I'm sure we'll see a Resident Evil 4/5/6-type mod restoring Ethan's head and allowing for an entirely different gameplay experience.

I'm eagerly anticipating Resident Evil 7, and as a fan of the franchise, it's good to see the series return to its survival horror roots. We'll be able to play Resident Evil 7 soon on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PSVR when it releases worldwide on January 24, 2017.

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