CES 2017: HTC is Launching an Unlimited VR App Subscription

HTC’s new Viveport subscription will give HTC Vive users a ton of content.


HTC has revealed at CES 2017 that it plans to roll out a new subscription option over the next few months for its Viveport VR store. The subscription will allow HTC Vive virtual reality headset owners to play games, use apps, and get other content without paying for each item.

The Viveport will still offer items for sale as they do now, and developers and content providers will have to choose whether or not to opt-in their products for the new subscription.

For the new Viveport subscription model to be successful, HTC will have to entice developers to sign-up to make their apps or games available. There’s no word yet as to what products will be available when the subscription initially premieres. Also, there’s no word yet on pricing.

If HTC can get enough support for their Viveport subscription service, this could be a significant advantage for the HTC Vive VR platform over the Oculus. We’ll bring more news about the Viveport subscription as it becomes available.

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