XCOM 2 to get Long War 2 conversion mod

No details yet, but if it is like the original, it will be an exceptional addition.


The Long War was a great conversion mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, making the campaign longer, adding more classes and adding new technologies. Now, the group behind the mod has revealed The Long War 2 will be coming to XCOM 2, working in conjunction with 2K Games and developer Firaxis.

There are no details on what the mod will entail as of yet, but the Pavonis Interactive dev team said the mod will still be free and released in the coming weeks on XCOM.com.

In conjunction with the news, the team announced its name change from Long War Studios to reflect its move to make other games, while leaving Long War exclusively with XCOM. The company is planning a new grand strategy game called Terra Invicta, which is being developed for Kickstarter.

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